Friday, October 30, 2009

Rob Jay Speaks on being snubbed from The A3C and CMJ Fest as well as Artists from The South Being Discriminated Against

Houston artist, Rob Jay, has been building a phenomenal buzz with his accomplishments including being selected one of The Top 100 Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine, Being Featured on Arize Magazine's Fresh Picks Mixtape, becoming the first unsigned hip hop artist to gain a residency at The House of Blues Sunset (#1 rated live music venue in America), being selected as the only unsigned hip hop artist to headline an Armed Forced Entertainment Tour and a feature on, voted the number one music blog in America. Somehow Rob Jay wasn't selected for The CMJ or A3C music conference. He speaks on the issue here at EXCLUSIVE
Interviewed by Kourtney Brown

Let's cut straight to the chase, do you think that you were snubbed out of the CMJ and A3C Music Conference?

Honestly, I think that it comes down to two totally different situations. As far as CMJ, I think that they selected an exclusive group of very accomplished artists. Honestly, I still think that none of the artists they selected can go at it with me bar for bar but at the same time those guys were very accomplished. I can't argue with someone selecting Tabi Bonney or Wiz Khalifa, or anybody in that class. They have an amazing grind and I respect that. A3C was something totally different. I saw alot of artist in that conference who I had way more accomplishments than. That was what hurt the most because I expected to be selected for both but when I didn't get CMJ I was like it's cool, I know what they look for but when A3C didn't pick me I was kind of heartbroke.

Why is that, did you expect more from A3C?

In a way I did, I remember when Hollyweerd was first starting to buzz, they didn't have much more then a buzz in Atlanta but A3C showed them love and put them in it last year and I expected that same unbiased judgement from them. Because Hollyweerd was dope back then, even though alot of people didn't know about them. And that's how I feel I am.

Why do you think they got that love and you didn't?

Hollyweerd has great artwork and marketing and they are managed by Coach K. I have good art work and I'm self managed. What loss do they have by not selecting me? The most that I can do is vent in a blog, but they have a whole different level of people behind them. They're really isn't that much benefit financially for being down with me, but alot of these other independent artist are affiliated with people that can make stuff happen. And the decision makers know that and make decisions accordingly, that's not to say that Hollyweerd can't stand on their own, because I love their music but at the same time it is what it is.

So, are you saying that a lack of a major co-sign hurt you?

That's not what I was saying but that is the case. I'm friends with some producers in the Justice League and some major writers and associates of T.J.'s D.J.'s, if they were to push my music I believe that the result would be totally different than me pursing it myself.

Then why don't you get them to push your music, "Directors Chair" is Dope?
It's not that easy, they're making thousands, maybe even millions working with the artists that they're working with. I'm just a passion project, and passion doesn't pay the bills immediately.

Is there anything you can do to make yourself more visible and ensure that this doesn't happen again?

Yes, I have to become more visual, that's why I'm working right now on my first music video and doing more photo shoots. I really focusing more on my image and brand because now I see the importance. All of the artist that are buzzing right now are very visual, it's almost like marketing has has become more important then music.

Is that a subliminal shot at your contemporaries?

Never that, I'm happy for any young man getting money in a positive way. Especially a black man, I love Souljah Boy, Wayne, Hollyweerd, Dom Kennedy and anyone else that's using this music to give their family a better life.

Do you think that blog sites and music conferences discriminate against artists from the south?

It would be hard for me to say that. East of L.A. and Mikey Mcfly featured me in their blogs before anyone had heard of me, and they're based out of California and Philadelphia. So people from outside the south have been riding with me, but at the same time I do think that artists from D.C., New York and L.A. have it easier. Also Atlanta, because they may be down south but they get New York style connects. So I think when your in Houston or any other city in the south the hurdle is higher. And even though I'm from Houston, I've lived in L.A. and Atlanta so I can't even compare myself to artists like Hollywood Floss, John Dew, and Fat Tony. Those guys are true Houstonians building a buzz so they don't have the rolodex that I have from my travels. But I do believe in my heart of hearts that if I was from New York or L.A. or even still lived there I would be the top freshmen in hip hop. No disresrect intended to those guys but what new artists out of those cities can see me. Seriously, I don't think I can really be put in the same category as most of them but I do respect them. I just think many of them benefit from the market that they are in. Like I hate to sound like I'm dissing my city but if U-N-I,Shawn Crystopher, Wale, Kid Cudi, Asher Roth or Dom Kennedy was from Houston.....I dont know if their fate would be the same. But I feel like if Rob Jay, Hollywood Floss or Hollyweerd was from Brooklyn or L.A. we would be in a totally different situation.

Any last words?

Look out for Rob Jay, I will be the breakout artist of 2010.

Savant - The Delayed Entry

Chicago native and now Arizona resident Gregory Daggett aka Savant drops an incredible 8 song EP. That underground feel of late 90's Hip Hop updated for the new millennium is what Savant brings to the music world. I'm definitely feelin this emcee and I'm sure you will too.

The Lyricist ThreeMix
Illest You've Never Heard (Could)
Concrete Techniques
You Know
Bottom To the Top
'Til Death Do Us Part
Marry a Memory
Perfect Profession

Download Here

Friday, October 23, 2009

LMNO - Devilish Dandruff With Holy Shampoo Mix

The Visionaries very own LMNO just dropped a special mix of songs from his new album Devilish Dandruff With Holy Shampoo (in stores 11.17.09). Known outside of California for his collaborations with Kev Brown,2008's Select Hearing, LMNO now teams up with French producer Yann Kesz. What does this partnership sound like? Check the special mix and the video for "Never Stop" below to find out.

Direct Download

King Most - CMJ Megamix

Hello there folks it's new guy here Hamza 21. Some of you may know me from other sites I post at. Well starting today I'll be posting here at The Art Life Movement too. Now to the music

I'm a day late for all good folks within the tri-state area but all others here's a great short mix of tunes by artists that appeared at the Audible Treats CMJ showcase last night in NYC. Mixed by the Bay Area's Producer/DJ King Most these joints should start your weekend off right.

We've Just Arrived - Tanya Morgan
Are U Listening - Illa J
Motor City Music - Finale
Who I Be - Diamond District (Oddisee,XO & Yu)
Next Level - Showbiz & AG
Lump Lump - Sadat X
La La La - Souls Of Mischief
Get Down - Jern Eye


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome To Hollyweerd!!

Hollyweerd is buzzing hard out of Atlanta right now, They have awesome production and I really like the sound there putting out. I thought that they would be the breakout group of 2009, don't think they've quite accomplished that nationally but they've still had a dope year, and we still have two months left. I think if they would have shot a video for their first single "Weerdo" it would have really popped them off. But hind sight is 20/20. Anyway get to know them.

Check out there mixtape

Milkyeyes: The Sickest Artist You've Never Heard Of

This video is amazing. True creativity...genius.

videogioco-loop experiment from donato sansone on Vimeo.

A Day In The Life W/ Devin The Dude

Rolling out caught up with Devin The Dude, which was cool. But I think this might be the worst voice over have heard in a long time

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dave Chapelle Returns to The Stage

Rihanna: The Wait Is Over Album Trailer

Rihanna Leaks New Single

Rihanna leaked a new song "Russian Roulette", I was't really feeling it.....but I don't think this song was mde for the fellas. So anyway take a listen and judge for yourself

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are You Up On Mayer Hawthorn?

Yo if your not already up on Mayer Hawthorn. Do yourself a favor and check him out. He may be the breakout star of 2010

NEW LUPE!!!!!!

Yo, check out this new joint from da boi Lupe Fiasco. It's one of those love or hate tracks. Far as me, I love it!!!!!

Kanye West + Spike Jonez Short Film


Check out this insanely funny short film. Jedabesus directed by Brett Richter, I love the way he executed this concept.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leona Lewis "Happy"

Yo, I've been hearing about Leona Lewis for a minute, but I finally checked her out.. And she has a great voice....and she's hot!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Common Hennesy Artistry Tour

Common Sat Down To Discuss The Hennessy Artistry Tour

Spike Lee's First Student Film

Check out Spike Lee's first student film...Dope

Friday, October 16, 2009

Radii Footwear Fall/Winter 2009 Collection (Reposted From Sneaker Obsession)

Last month when Jay-Z took to the stage during the ‘Answer The Call’ benefit concert at Madison Square Garden he was seen sporting a pair of high top sneakers which had many people baffled as to what sneakers they actually were. Sneakerheads immediately to the web searching for answers and just a few days after the concert we were able to tell you that Jay-Z was rocking the Radii 420, from Radii Footwear, a high end sneaker line created by 26yr old designer Casey Arisohn. The Radii 420 is a sneaker which Jay and celebrities such as Flo Ride, Travis from Gym Class Heroes, Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas are known to seen in from time to time.

This wasnt the first time Jay-Z had been seen wearing the Radii 420 and you can best believe it wont be the last as Radii Footwear is getting ready to present their Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. Radii will be bringing an unbridled passion for art and design during this Holiday season with the launch of their Fall/Winter line which is set to officially launch on Thursday, October 15th. The shoes will range in prices from $85-$120.

Can you get down with Radii or do the designs not fit your style preference?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Ish: Miss Mykie

Check out Miss Mykie, she's a newcomer to the seen and has been working with producer Yung Chill. She has a real unique sound and if put in the right situation, she could go all the way. It's always good to see real talent come out of H-town

Dear Hater [ Live Acoustic ] from Yung Chill on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Summertime Johnny

We caught up with H-town artist/producer/promotor Summertime Johnny. He's been putting in alot of work in Houston lately. Here's what he had to say.

How did you get the name Summertime Johnny?

Its a crazy story, Im a teacher by day and artist by night, so every summer we have off, and thats when I take the time to "wild out" so to speak. During the fall, winter, and spring Im usually chilling trying to put together whatever project I have at the time. And all the fellas in my crew know this, so when summer comes around, I pretty much go on this big promotion blast, and I have been known to have some pretty ecclectic promoting strategies. So really the "Summertime Johnny" monicer came from my boys, they used to say it when I did something really outlandish because it's like the other side of John Dew tht only comes out in the summer
When did you start rapping?
Highschool. I was in a group called the untouchables, we actually cut a few tapes back in the early 90's, and then with my crew from my neighborhood known as the "Manor" we had a few tapes that we recorded, of which I actually still have most of those, but I wasnt going by John Dew at the time.

How does your style as an artist differ from your style as a producer?
Day, and Night literally, I am influenced by the most hip hop artist you can find. Lyrically, Im like Andre 3000, Jay Z, and 2Pac. But production wise Im like J Dilla meets Pimp C. I always wanted hip hop to appeal to the world so I just infused some of the most succesfull people in the industry and created myself.

Houston is a very finicky market, it seems like artists from Houston have to blow outside of the city before they get love at home, why's it like that?

Cause these cats at home never show love to the new guy, Its that crab in a bucket mentallity the white man gave to us back when we were slaves rearing it's ugly head in present day situations. Its not like I dont know a slew of dudes that are rediculouslly talented, its just that knowbody knows they exist. Ever since DJ Screwed rappers have nobody to help boost their careers. RIP DJ Screw, never knew how much we would really miss you.

Why do you think Rock The Bells, chose to remove Houston from it's tour?

Who in Houston even knows what it is, I mean really. These cats in Houston are not musical, we have no concept of what music is. Houstonians have no culture therefor this rap thing is way out of our league, fortunately we do have some cats that are trying to change that.

Tell Us About your latest Project?

I am just finished up my last project called "Summertime Johnny". Its basically the accounts of the last few summers I have had. The stories are real. Well as real as I could make them but then I added a few choice details to make it more interesting. It's an EP and I realeased it through my record label Council Music. I have some of the most incredible Houston artists. The sound I feel is very global. I am attempting to take you from wherever you are into a place you want to be. Its a journey. I worked with the likes of Hollywood Floss, Hash of the Council, Dustin-Prestige, Nya, Rob Jay, and J Relentless, as well as receiving production from HW Floss, Kid Krucial, JettiMastyrr, Chris Rockaway, and myself. Its a really good musically sound lyrically charged album.

How can people hear some more of your music?

Download it, it's FREE!!!!!

Spike Jonez Classic Video

Spike Jonez delivered one of the greatest music videos of all time with this Pharcyde classic.

Mike Tyson Oprah Interview

I never thought Iron Mike was crzy but for those who did....Meet the real Mike Tyson in this sit down with Oprah

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lil Wayne on Tim Westwood

It's Spike Jonze Week

Check out another Spike Jonez classic. Invisible Boards, Whoever can post a comment detailing how he pulled this off can win a special gift from the Art Life Movement

Lupe Not Happy About MTV Top 10 List

Lupe is not feeling being left off the MTV Top 10 list so he has vowed to do 4 songs a day for the next year. MTV thank you for motivating Lupe to put out some more music

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's Spike Jonze Week!!

For The next week were going to be honoring one of the greatest Directors of our generation. Mr. Spike Jonez, we'll be bringing you interviews, short films and classic music videos by the legendary director. Enjoy.


Rob Jay released some songs off of is upcoming mixtape Video Rob Is Dead. Check it out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Green Bench: The Next Great Sketch Comedy

I think I just discovered the next great Sketch Comedy. These guys have something hilarious going on with The Green Bench. Check it out

Samora Suber: A Producer To Watch

We caught up with emerging Television Producer, Monifa Samora Suber, (M.S.Suber) has a creative background in theatre and dance and transitioned into the role of television producer during her sophomore year of college at Florida State University. Upon graduation, she moved to New York and started her career as a freelance TV producer, working with entities such as BET, MTV, NICK, FOX, DISNEY and small production houses. As a result, Miss Suber has been recognized by the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) as a young producer to watch.
Now, M.S. Suber is working towards her Masters Degree in Theology/Christian Counseling with Covenant Bible College and Seminary while writing and teaching acting classes to at-risk youth. Through, ASM, M.S.Suber continues to produce quality media programming filled with power and purpose.

What's it like being an African American Producer in Today's Film and Television Industry?
I don't focus on the African-American perspective of my experience, but rather being new to the Industry. I think that everyone has their own experience and race isn't the determining factor of it. Overall, I can say that I have been blessed to have accomplished many of the goals I have already acheived. Media Production takes dedication, hard work,skill and a network. I have been fortunate enough to have a great group of people I surround myself with to assist me in my endeavors. I believe that is the most important aspect of the industry, knowing good industry people who respect you and want to help you.

What would you like your contribution to Film and Television to be?

My media company, Awake Spirit Media, is changing the image of Christianity in the media. Awake Spirit Media is all empowering entertainment with a mission to inspire people to love God. It is cleaning up the stereotypes of what Christianity is and creating new ways to express people's Faith.

Being that you studied theatre in college, do you reccomend that aspiring actors, actresses and producers get a formal education first or just go ahead and step out and try to make it happen as is?

Everyone has their own path, I think that essentially it takes both. Education of any field compliments real-life experience. One without the other leaves gaps in your overall process. Your education doesn't have to be in a traditional institution, as long as you are challenging yourself to learn more about your craft, you can be successful.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Five years from now I see my company, Awake Spirit Media, becoming more on the forefront of media entertainment. I know it will push the edge and change some lives, so in 5 years the whole world will be buzzing about it.

Anything else that you would like to say, now is your chance?
I am learning more about myself and what I can offer the world. I believe everyone deserves that out of know yourself by knowing God and giving your experience to the world.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There's Something About Janelle

The verdict is still out on whether Janelle Monae will cross over into mainstream superstardom but I definitely believe she's one of the most talented singers out right now. Peep the Many Moons Video.

Video Rob Is Dead!!!

Rob Jay speaks on his much anticipated mixtape Video Rob Is Dead!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hollywood Floss Exclusive Interview

We caught up with Hometown Hero Hollywood Floss for an exclusive interview. Check out what he had to say.

Hollywood FLOSS interviewed by from Hollywood FLOSS on Vimeo.

Follow Hollywood Floss at

Upthink Studios


I had to bring you another hot visual studio that is doing some amazing things. Check out upthink las out of ATL. They will be making a dent in the music video production industry real soon.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hollywood Floss Exclusive Interview

Hollywood Floss has been blazing through the underground scene in Houston and is poised to make a run for national coverage. If things go right for him you may see him as one of hip hop's top freshmen next year. We caught up with Hollywood Floss to talk music, motivation, blogs and 2010.

For those who don't know, who is Hollywood Floss?

H.F. First off i want to thank you for taking the time to interview me, its an honor and who is Hollywood FLOSS... hmm ... A musically refreshing rapper/producer from the Houston, TX. furthermore follow me on ... lol ... promo early haha

How would you rate your 2009, on a scale of 1- 10?

H.F. At this point i truly feel my 2009 was an 8 ... I set and completed goals, my music has really reached a bigger audience and i established myself in the music game. I feel only getting signed or being able to make music for a living would make it a 10

You've been getting alot of blog coverage lately, what impact has that had on your career?

H.F. The media coverage is really a shining moment and a blessing in my career right now; It basically lets me know there's a true space in this rap game for me and an exciting feeling to know that people relate to my life thru music

Your an anomoly in many ways, a college educated rapper who teaches middle school and doesn't drink or smoke, what's your motivation?

H.F. Thats not an anomaly, thats a "square" lol ... Nah to be truthful there is no joy or motivation for me to drink or smoke, there is no hunger for me to do those things so i dont... with music and performing there's a starving feeling and it motivates me to eat from it... There aren't many feelings like people singing your words back at you or performing on stage...Music is truly a passion!

Where do you see yourself this time next year

H.F. This time next year I see myself rocking festivals nationally and worldwide, placing my stamp in music-- NOT just rap but music period. I dont just rap or do hiphop...I make music, and rap is just my most frequent medium

Anything else that you would like to say, now's your chance?

H.F. Yea, please check me out on and if you like what you hear buy the music! and to those trying to downplay my music name...worry about the music not a title!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tabi Bonney Jet Setters


Check out Tabi Bonney. I really respect his grind, Dude is the only independent artists to get a video on BET, MTV and every other major media outlet. He really is the blue print for Indy Artist.

(Original Version) Common Universal Mind Control

This Version Of Universal Mind Control Was Scrapped in Favor of Hype Williams