Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maxwell - Live at VH1 Storytellers

About week or so ago VH1 aired a "Storytellers" episode with Maxwell. The full show has been the net this past week but very few have uploaded an audio version of this live show until now.

You can watch clips of each performance HERE

Ascension (Live)
Bad Habits (Live)
Drowndeep / Reunion Medley (Live)
Whenever Wherever Whatever (Live)
Fistful Of Tears (Live)
Sumthin’ Sumthin’ / Get To Know Ya (Live)
Pretty Wings (Live)

Download (68 MB)

Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine - Nightmare On Beat Street

I got new mix for you from Diamond District's Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine. I'll let Q explain the concept behind this ill mix of 80's joints himself:

I came up with the title "Nightmare on Beat Street" as a play on "Nightmare on Elm Street". The main character Freddy would kill his victims in their sleep and the only way for them to avoid this fateful outcome was to "Wake-Up". I feel Hip-Hop (Beat Street) is in this situation now...

I made this mix the weekend after Gucci Mane got his "Ice Cream" face tattoo. I wanted to produce a blend tape that represented the exact opposite of where I see the culture going, and revisit a time when Hip-Hop was truly a tool for teaching, knowledge and especially Black Pride.
Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine

Word To The Mother(Land) - Big Daddy Kane
Words I Manifest - Gang Starr
Straight Out The Jungle - The Jungle Brothers
Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? - X-Clan
Rock Dis Funky Joint - Poor Righteous Teachers
Wake Up - Brand Nubians
The Ghetto - Rakim
A Bird In The Hand - Ice Cube
Build and Destroy - Boogie Down Productions
F**k The Police - N.W.A.
Brothers Gonna Work It Out - Public Enemy
Drop The Bomb - Brand Nubians

Download/Listen (39 MB)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Evil Dee - Live On Da Beatmerz Radio

Thanks to Northern Ireland's DJ A To The L we have audio from one of the Da Beatminerz ustream broadcasts.

There's far too many songs to write a tracklist but on Part 1 (59 minutes) Evil Dee spins mostly original samples and on Part 2 (1 hour & 34 minutes) he spins 80's & 90's RnB, Hip Hop and  a few breaks. Can nobody bring it raw and rugged like Evil Dee can. You going love these mixes.

Download Part One (82 MB)

Download Part Two (129 MB)

SoulSeize Music - Remix Collection

I'm loving these remixes right here. Z├╝rich's Soul Seize makes some funky boom bap Hip Hop as these delicious remixes demonstrate. Don't sleep on these tracks.

Under The Sun (SoulSeize Remix)

SoulSeize Intro feat. DJ Ninez
People Under The Stairs - Hit The Top (soulseize remix)
DJ KO feat. Wordsworth, Phonte, Masta Ace - Ladder to Success (soulseize remix)
Mos Def - Next Universe (soulseize remix)
Critical Madness feat. Joell Ortiz - To the Top (soulseize remix)
Redlight Boogie feat. Rock - Welcome Me In (soulseize remix)
Theology3 - It's Theo3 (soulseize remix)
Planet Asia and Rakaa - Take It to The Streets (soulseize remix)
Pacewon - Under The Sun (soulseize remix)
Mastreaux - Alles Was Bliibt (soulseize exclusive remix)
MP - Vibez (soulseize exclusive remix)

Download Here (75 MB)

Thomax - The Remix Files Vol 6

As a rule in today's age where suddenly everyone's calls themselves a producer very few  can actually produce something worthwhile. Norwegian beatmaker Thomax is indeed a exception to this rule. Through these past few years he has displayed a good track record of producing some high quality head nodding Hip Hop. With Volume 6 of his Remix Files series Thomax continues releasing some quality hardcore Hip Hop.

Kapitel Sechs
Can’t Leave Rap Alone Remix - Apathy,Celph Titled & Ryu of Styles of Beyond
Street Wars Remix - Vinnie Paz
Drag You To Hell Remix - Vinnie Paz
Step It Up Remix - Supastition
Crystal Stair Remix - Smif-N-Wessun & Talib Kweli
I Remember Remix - Apathy
Rhythm of the Rain Remix - Kno,Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji of Inverse
Faen Remix - Tungtvann

Download/Listen Here (56 MB)

The Roots & Nas - The Roots Picnic 2011

Here's live recording of The Roots at their annual "Roots Picnic". Last year featured DJ Jazzy Jeff (Here) collaborating with The Roots now this year they had Nas put in appearance on the mic. I wouldn't call this The Roots best performance but Nas did put on a good show.

Also what the hell happened to Black Thought? (Here). That man have gained some serious weight!!

Intro (What They Do)
Step Into The Realm
The Fire
Stay Cool
Concerto Of The Desperado
The Mic (ft. Truck North)
How I Got Over
Here I Come
Get Busy (ft. Dice Raw & Peedi Peedi)
Jungle Boogie
Get Down (ft. Nas)
It Ain’t Hard To Tell (ft. Nas)
The World Is Yours (ft. Nas)
Made You Look (ft. Nas)
One Mic (ft. Nas)
Nas Is Like (ft. Nas)
If I Ruled The World (ft. Nas)
Hip Hop Is Dead (ft. Nas)
The Next Movement
The Seed 2.0
The Bottle
Men @ Work

Download Here (158 MB)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hamza 21 - LMNO - The Journey Of James Kelly

I've been meaning to make this mix for several months now. With James Kelly better known as LMNO delivering 10 albums within one year someone had to make a mix of some the albums best tunes.

All In
All Out
Analog Catalog ft. Key Kool
Mercy ft. Key Kool
Hard To Do
See You Later ft. LD
The Oneness
The Gift
Kragenoff ft.Kev Brown
That Bang ft. Mr. Brady
Make A Difference
Cali Queen ft. LD
In Love
Banger Management ft. Mr. Brady & LD
Good Gawd
Head Banger ft. Theory Hazit
Time To Run ft. Theory Hazit
All Seeing ft. Key Kool & 2Mex
Long Time Coming ft. LD
Boom Bap(tism) ft. Theory Hazit

Mediafire (53 MB)