Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Progress Nude Crew - 34 Fragment Remixez

Now this is some ill stuff right here. Japan's Progress Nude Crew (Hiro aka Melodiverse and DJ Ryo aka Questello) remixes a slew tunes you know and love.

Although this remix collection is pretty long (2 cds worth) all remixes are pretty outstanding. PNC's soulful vibes will make your head nod and satisfy all your Hip Hop needs. These remixes are so dope I'm even including some on my upcoming mix "The Producer's Journey".

Substantial & Pase Rock
Blessing It

Lil Kim
Came Back For You

Sky Side

Rewind (Melodiverse Remix) - Nas
Music (Melodiverse Remix) - Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye
I Can (Melodiverse Remix) - Nas
Brain (Melodiverse Remix) - Jungle Brothers
Memory Of Melodies (Melodiverse Remix) - Dred Scott & Adriana Evans
Came Back For You (Melodiverse Remix) - Lil' Kim
Be Perfect (Melodiverse Remix) - Soulstice
Smoke in the Air (Melodiverse Remix) - C.L. Smooth
Don't Even Try It (Melodiverse Remix) - Funky DL
Vocab! (Melodiverse Remix) - Hocus Pocus
Still Telling Lies (Melodiverse Remix) - Cuban Link feat. Tony Sunshine
X Gon Give It To Ya (Melodiverse Remix) - DMX
Put It On (Melodiverse Remix) - Big L
Baby Mother (Melodiverse Remix) - Camp Lo
Krunk Krunk (Melodiverse Remix) - Aksent
Crush On You (Melodiverse Remix) - Lil' Kim feat. Notorious B.I.G
Climax (Melodiverse Remix) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
The Light (Melodiverse Remix) - Common

Earth Side

6th Sence (Melodiverse Remix) – Common
My Country (Melodiverse Remix) – Nas feat. Millenium Thug
Day by Day (Melodiverse Remix) – Funky DL
Much More (Melodiverse Remix) – De La Soul feat. Yummy
Blaze It Up (Melodiverse Remix) – DJ Honda feat. Black Attack
Come Close To Me (Melodiverse Remix) – Common feat. Mary J Blige & Pharrell Williams
Don’t Say Nuthin (Melodiverse Remix) – The Roots
Blessing It (Melodiverse Remix) – Substantial & Pase Rock
Passing Me By (Melodiverse Remix) – The Pharcyde
Rap Life (Melodiverse Remix) – Tash feat. Raekwon
Life’s A Bitch (Melodiverse Remix) – Nas
D.T.F.N. (Melodiverse Remix) – Cise Star & CYNE
Shook Ones Part.II (Melodiverse Remix) – Mobb Deep
You Gets No Love (Melodiverse Remix) – Faith Evans
Better (Melodiverse Remix) – Unspoken Heard
Week Ends (Melodiverse Remix) – Black Eyed Peas

Download Here (126 MB)

Inphy - The Remixtape

The Czech Republic's 19 year old beatmaker Inphy seems to have a good ear for samples and has made a pretty solid remix album. Listening to this makes me wonder why with young beatmakers out there like Inphy did Rakim have such weak wack music for the Seventh Seal?

One thing to note you'll notice a remix (track 7) that features somebody well known to many mixtape fans..... Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q aka DJ Quatermaine.

And for digital deejays these are 320kbps mp3s.

Little Brother - Life Of A Party ft Carlitta Durand (Inphy Remix)

Big Tone ft. Blu- A Song Called Triumph
Dj Roddy Rod ft. Kev Brown & Cy Young- Take Notice
Jay-Z - PSA
Little Brother ft. Carlitta Durand- Life of the Party
Muneshine ft. Sean Price & Termanology - What Now
Kev Brown ft. Kenn Starr & Quartermaine - Say Sumthin..
Edo G - Revolution
Rapper Big Pooh - Strongest Man
Jay-Z - 99 Problems
Smif-n-Wessun ft. Talib Kweli - We Came Up
Doujah Raze ft. Sean Price & AG - Fahrenheit
The Returners ft. Rasco, Mic Stylz & Breez Evahflowin - Different Places, One Hip Hop
Little Brother ft. Big Daddy Kane - Welcome to Durham
bonus: Oliver Lowe & Ondřej Žatkuliak ft. Puškyn - Lidi jsou zvláštní

Direct Download Here (116 MB)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cee & Bekah - The Soul Movement Originals

An Australian Soul/Hip Hop duo consisting of an white emcee and Desi singer? You know this either works great or fails miserly. You also know I don't post wack stuff so trust me this duo can deliver with the good music.

Australia’s Cee & Bekah have been dropping The Soul Movement mixtapes (Here) since 2007. After three volumes of the mixtape they have finally released an full length album.

Cee & Bekah - Do It All Again

Anything For You
The Charts
Get It Right
Tomorrow (I'll Be Gone) ft. Jessica Kaya
Ain't No Mountain ft. Notion
Do It All Again
Perfected Rawness ft. KrisblaiR
Free ft. GNZ
Beautiful Struggle ft. Cesar Comanche
Chosen One
Melbourne City (I Like It)
Ven Aqui
THC (Reefer Diary)
Get Live
Scream At Your Muhhfuckin' feat. Notion & Tommy Gunnz
Take This Feelin' ft. Notion
Never Going Away - The Understudies & The Movement Fam (Bekah, Cee, Livin' Poetry, Self Advocate, Citizen, Notion, Fly Cobb)

Download Here (178 MB)

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The Producer's Journey Vol 1 & 2

I got the idea for this mix from the Bad Things Come in 3's series from DJ Dopeshoes and Lost Remixes by DJ C Los. With so many great productions over the years it seemed like a no-brainer to pay tribute to the many producers that shaped and (still) support the true Hip Hop sound we all love so well.

Unlike Volume one on Volume 2 I added more producers and limited song selection to 2 songs for each producer. For volume three I think I will keep that format  as well.

Download Vol1 Here (121 MB)

Download Vol 2 Here (126 MB)

Hexsagon - A Decade Of Remixes

I'm new to Hexsagon's production work but this mix of of a decade's worth on material is solid as can be. I would describe Hexsagon's style as DJ Premier meets Kev Brown meets DJ Muggs. Sounds good doesn't it? This mix by Mr. Mo is as good as you can imagine.

Eric Roberson
A Tale Of Two (Hexsagon Remix)

Redlight Boogie Ft. Rock
Welcome Me In (Hexsagon Remix)

Dead Prez - If I Fail
Da Bush Babees - Swing It
Jern Eye - Get Down
Cesar Comanche (Feat. Supastition) - The Grind
Jern Eye (Ft. Guilty Simpson) - So And So
Theology3 - It's Theo
Atmosphere - They Call It
AK Skills - Check Tha Flava
24k - Clak Clak
Cy Marshall Law - Harder Than Thou
Redlight Boogie (Ft. Rock Of Heltah Skeltah) - Welcome Me In
Biz Markie - Studda Step
Notorious B.I.G. - Big Poppa
The Fugees - Fu-Gee-La
Miles Bonny - Canal Street
Eric Roberson - A Tale Of Two
Murs - Yesterday And Tomorrow
Kero One - Keep It Alive
Brownstone - If You Love Me

Download Here (130 MB)
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Wudos Band - Wu Tang vs Budos Band

The Staten Island funk band Budos Band reinterprets songs from fellow Shaolin warriors Wu Tang.Those who are not familiar with The Budos Band prepare to be amazed at the reworkings of classic Wu tunes.

Kobra Klutch
Scorpion Style
Won't Last Long
Ayno Tellin
Killa Bees Live
Butter and Cream
King Theodore
5 Deadly Sins

Download Here (49 MB)