Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DJ Dmadness - The Cee-Lo Green Mix

"More than a tribute, my goal was to create a definitive Cee-Lo mix, drawing from the catalogs of Goodie MOb, OutKast, Gnarls Barkley, his solo albums, his collaborative work, and of course rare remixes, b-sides, soundtrack joints, 12"s and more."
DJ Dmadness

The Bay Area's DJ Dmadness drops one hell of collection of Cee Lo Green tunes. If you've haven't delved into Cee Lo's music before now here's chance to experience what you've been missing.

Blackberry Molasses
Gettin' Grown
In Due Time
Thought Process
Insp Her Ation
Right Now
Soul Food (Live Remix)
Let's Stay Together
All Day Love Affair
Die Trying
G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition)
Backyard Mississippi
Whoa Now
Git Up, Git Out
Beautiful Skin/The Experience
Crooked Therapy/Cell Therapy
Slum Beautiful
Fly Away
Soul Machine
Who Cares?
Watch for the Hook
Southern Man by Merry Clayton
I'll Be Around
The One
Get Rich to This
Trans DF Express
Black Ice (Goodie Version)
Dirty South Remix
I Want You
Follow the Light
Crazy (D's Blend)
Living Again
Pretty Please (Love Me)
Lil Star
You Don't Shock Me Anymore
Closet Freak
Bass Head Jazz

Download Here (146 MB)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moe Green - Rocky Maivia

Although I can't cosign some of joints on the album "Rocky Maiavia"  it does contain more than it's fair share of great tunes. A touch of jazz,hipster soul and underground Hip Hop, this album's sound will truly make your head nod.

If you love Lupe Fiasco and Fuzz and Mac you'll love Vallejo's Moe Green.

He's Moe Green (Intro)
Going For The Kill
Non Title Match
Emerald City
Day Dreamer (feat. Ragen Fykes)
Search Party
Keep It Ill
Cruise Control
Don't Hurt Me (feat. 1-O.A.K.)
Level After Like
Buzz Lightyear
Top Turn Buckle Lifestyle
What It Is
Exclamation Point

Listen/Download Here (71 MB)

Friday, July 2, 2010

DJ jazzy Jeff and Questlove - The Roots Picnic Mix

In Philadelphia the hometown of The Roots at the annual The Roots Picnic for the first time ever there was a live performance featuring drummer/producer ?uestlove & DJ Jazzy Jeff. The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff  rocks samples and classic Hip Hop while ?uestlove plays some funky drums with Mad Skillz on mic. Similar to Bobo Meets Rhettmatic that was released a few months ago. This mix is definitely one for the your archives. No tracklisting but I think most will know the names of all tunes played.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Questlove - Live @ The Roots Picnic (5 June 2010)

DJ jazzy Jeff and Questlove - The Roots Picnic Mix(Download 79 MB)

Von Pea - So Motivational

Magazines and bloggers alike rave about the Hip Hop trio Tanya Morgan. Honestly I'm not much of fan but I'm sure many of you are. So in that spirit....

Tanya Morgan's Von Pea who dropped the Further Adventures of Von Pea in 2008 comes with a little teaser to hold ya'll over until new album "Pea's Gotta Have It" drops in September.

So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery Of Mixtapes

Trainspotters - Fan First

In 2009 Sweden's Trainspotters dropped some fabulous tracks now in 2010 they keep coming fresh to def.

"Fan First" produced by Academics gives a G funk style to Trainspotters usual underground sound.  Their previous work I'm digging a little bit more but track does has it's appeal.

The single is off both their new album "Dirty North" and Sweden's Hip Hop compilation entitled Evolution. In these days of autotune,talking instead rapping and skinny jeans you have give props to to these heads from Northern Europe not afraid to drop a Hip Hop track.

Fan First (Download 4MB)