Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bobo Meets Rhettmatic - The Mixtape

I've been waiting for this!!!

DJ Rhettmatic (The Visionaries/Beat Junkies) and Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill) team up to bring a fusion of latin funk and Hip Hip.

Download Here (45 MB)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cypress Hill and LA Leakers - Leakers Of Funk

What happens when you combine The LA Leakers & Cypress Hill? This new mixtape featuring a few new songs from the Cypress Hill album "Rise" and alot of classic joints.

Leakers of the Funk Intro
Insane in the Brain
Cock the Hammer
Hand on the Pump
(Rap) Superstar
Latin Lingo
Stoned Is the Way of the Walked (Remix)
Tequila Sunrise
Lick A Shot
Dr. Greenthumb
Boom Biddy Bye Bye
Throw Your Set in the Air
How I Could Just Kill A Man
The Phuncky Feel One
Everybody Must Get Stoned
I Wanna Get High
Stoned Is the Way of the Walked
When the Shit Goes Down
Get Em Up
Light It Up
It Ain't Nothin
Leakers of the Funk Outro

Download Here (133 MB)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr J Mederios - Art Of The Broken Glass

Mr. J Medeiros has released his 2009 EP The Art Of The Broken Glass for free. Maybe because his second album,Friends,Enemies,Apples,Apples wasn't received well by the fans. Whatever the reason these four songs produced by Bonnie Mayfield leave all the songs upon his second album (FEAA) in dust. In my opinion "The Measure" was within the top five songs released in 2009. Hopefully this year Mr. J can get back on track and start producing joints that rival his previous great work.

Love Is All (feat. Tara Ellis)
Umpire State
The Measure (feat. Jonathan Korsyzk)
Tower of Cards
Broken Windows (feat. Dj Inka One)

Download Here (22 MB)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ellis - Mixtape The Essence

Can you name an emcee from Baltimore? Well now you can with B-More's Ellis.

Mixtape The Essence
features Ellis along producer Legin with a great 1995 era throwback sound. This is quality Hip Hop right here! check the video for single "Hardcore" directed by Toni Branson below.

Listen/Download Here

Laura's Tape - Don Will And King Most

Tanya Morgan's Don Will drops this mixtape centered around the 2000 film High Fidelity. The same theme as his upcoming album "Don Cusack in High Fidelity" (March 23rd, 2010)

"The mixtape is a continuation of the album's concept," says Donwill about the movie-themed concept that ties both projects together. "In High Fidelity, the movie peaks as the lead character, Rob Gordon, is making a mixtape for his long-time love interest, Laura. This mixtape references that moment, and that's why I thought it fit so well with the Valentine's Day theme."
Don Will

Unlike most mixtapes which features a host of songs from an upcoming album this mixtape only includes 2 songs from Don Cusack in High Fidelity album,"Love Junkie" and "I See You".

However,the first single from Don will's album Laura's Song can be purchased on itunes HERE

Listen/Download Here

Download Here (142 MB)

Rob Jay - Old School Flow

New music from Houston's Rob Jay for the new year!

As of last year Rob has been gaining fans all across the world with his Prelude to the Art Life, The Art Life and Video Rob Is Dead releases. Now not wanting those not in know to miss the fact he is a Houston emcee Rob drops this southern mid-tempo joint called "Old school Flow".

"One thing that I really want to stress in 2010 is that I'm from Houston. I think my music combined with many people's pre-conceived notion of what Texas music is has maybe led people into assuming that I'm from somewhere else. But I'm a Texan, and even though "Old School Flow" takes an almost satirical view of how we rhymed as adolescents, I hope it also reminds listeners that I'm still in touch with my roots"
Rob Jay

1. Old School Flow
2. Old School Flow (Slowed and Chopped)

Download Here (14 MB)