Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cypress Hill - It Aint Nothin

Brand new Cypress Hill for the new year. It sounds a little different, more mainstream sounding, than previous Cypress tunes. However, it still contains that ruggedness the Hill is always bring to the table.

Listen/Download Here

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gin Joints and Young Ivy - The Conjugal Visit

Sweden’s Gin Joints and Young Ivy combine to deliver one of the best little known albums of 2009.

Recorded over three weeks in LuleƄ,Sweden while Young Ivy was on holiday from attending Dartmouth College. The album is quite impressive for two guys from Sweden.

The Conjugal Visit features that quality Boom Bap mixed with Soul music so many Hip Hop fans around world love. It’s so refreshing to hear people outside of the US bringing good music to the masses.

1. Intro
2. Round Here
3. On Point
4. Faithful ft. DJ Hands
5. What feat. Planet Asia & Kashal-tee
6. Speak Truth
7. Tryin to Make It
8. The Conjugal Visit

Direct Download (71 MB)

Listen to Faithful ft DJ Hands HERE
Listen to The Conjugal Visit HERE

Yasin - War Iza Reality

The Black Cloud artist brings underground Hip Hop to the mainstream. Vocally and musically Yasin delivers head nodding good music like Houston's Rob Jay and Maryland's E Reece .

With beats provided by producer Jynxx (S.O.P.), Sauze One and Cire Reds War Iza Reality is any good music lover's dream.

DIRECT Download(64 MB)

Listen to Da Mission Ft eDubb HERE
Listen to RAW HERE

Jynxx & Yasin - Toys 4 I E Tots Performance 2008

Friday, January 8, 2010

E Reece and Inka One - Art & Commerce

Maryland's E Reece just can't make wack music.Who can match his consistency? Other than Minnesota's Brother Ali I can't think anybody else. E Reece brings that much needed quality lyricism and musicality so lacking in Hip Hop landscape today. E Reece = good music.period!

If after listening E Reece he doesn't become your new favorite emcee something is seriously wrong with your ears.

The Money
Still love Ya ft. Celeste Martin
Get it Off Your Chest ft. Nobody Famous
Lost And Famous
The Find
If U
Word Is Bond
Make Way (Bautista Remix)
Ay Yo
The Example
No Doubt ft. Sum Kid & Chris Clarke
Just Move (Original) & Just Move (Bautista Remix)
The Spell ft. Osandi Sekou
Happy Dayz (Gosselin Remix)
In Love (Bautista Remix)
Get Yours ft. Now On
What You Need (Weirdo Remix)

Download Here(126 MB)

Pack FM - Happy Days

Great idea or corniness exemplified? I can't decide but internet darlings Pack FM drops a new tune upon us for the new year. Produced by Tonedeff the song touches upon the changes within hip hop landscape. Whether Pack FM is the right group and has the right credentials to speak upon this topic is another matter. Nonetheless the song "Happy Days" has a somewhat charming quality to it.

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Happy Days (Download Here)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet Juzcoz

Houston Hip Hop Duo Juzcoz has been building a strong buzz in the city. Fueled by creative subject matter and a unique blend of electronic sounds meshed with hip hop. Juzoz stands out in today's cluttered crowd.

How did you all hook up?

JC: We met through Rods cuz Raven. I (Wil) was doing music with Raven when he introduced me to Rod. We juz fit 2gether and the rest is history

Where did the name "Juzcoz" come from?

JC: We wanted something catchy but meaningful. We played with the spelling of Just Cause and this (JUZCOZ) looked the coolest!! lol

I really like the production on your ep, how did you all go about developing your sound for the project?

JC: We always look ahead. So we went for a new, fresh, electric , hip hop sound. Glad you like.

It seem like you have a counter culture movement developing in Houston, what exactly is Juzcoz all about?

JC: Houston is really only know as one thing Hip Hop wise and Houston has so much more to offer. We want to help bring that other stuff out.

It seems like you guys really put alot into your live shows, with choreographed routines and wardrobe changes, where does that come from?

JC: Artist really dont perform anymore. We feel like fans pay to be entertained so we do that. Comes from our life styles. Our heroes, our family, TV, Video games.

What do you think about the hip hop scene in Houston right now?

JC: (refer back to question 4) LOL We feel like the people of Houston want somethan new. Somethan really good and universal. It feels good to hear people say "man, yall of DOPE, are yall really from Houston?"

What's next for Juzcoz?

JC: The World Craig.

Check some music from Juzcoz at