Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nice Underground Video

Yesterday I wrote about Artex Productions, an indy studio that I really like. I think dollar for dollar they are giving the best video products out right now. I'm not gonna put their business out there, but if you knew the some of the things they've done on the budgets they've had, you'd be amazed. But hit them up for more info..

Song: Holla
Artist: Mr. M-I-A

"Holla" from on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Presto Exclusive Freestyle

Check out dope Houston MC dropping some bars. Presto is on the rise, recently had a feature Rap Radar as well as Don't Quit your Day Job.

New J. Cole Interview

New Nas Interview

Neo reports "When the interviewer asks him about his failure to submit a verse for “Verbal Intercourse 2″, he says that this is the first he’s hearing of it. When she specifically asks him about “Empire State of Mind”, he tells her to move on to the next question. Nevertheless, he goes on to say that Only Bult 4 Cuban Linx 2 and Blueprint 3 are two of his favorite albums right now and cites both as sources of inspiration. He also speaks on: his new album with Damien Marley, his next solo project, Kanye at the VMAs, Kelis, being offered the Def Jam presidency, and cites Drake, Lil Wayne and Asher Roth as “new” artists that he respects."

The Best Video Director's In The Country (That You've Never Heard Of)


Check out this production company, Artex Productions. They're based in Florida and they do some amazing work. And they're affordable and down to travel. I'm feeling there style, even though I lost a couple clients to them back in my video production days. The first video is a cover of Kanye West's "Roses" and The lower one is their Reel. For more information hit up

Mic Skills Music Video

Yo, check out the debut video from Da Boi Mic Skills (I like when Philly peeps say Da Boi, I thnik I'm about to steal that. Holla At Da Boi)
Anyway check out Mic Skills at

Hollywood Floss Behind The Scenes

Something For the Hollywood Floss Fans, be sure to check out The Model with him..Nice!!

Gotta Love Paul Rodriguez